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Sustainable Agriculture 


Through our Farmers Without Fences program, the Six-Second Project also recruits volunteer farmers and livestock producers to transfer technical knowledge to farmers in developing countries. This is one of our signature programs because we believe food security depends on training future farmers to succeed. Since an estimated 75% of the world's poorest citizens are farmers, young children increasingly see no futures for themselves in farming careers. This alarming trend could lead to further food insecurity if younger generations ultimately lose knowledge of food production.

Child Health


Parasitic worms (helminths) are a key contributor to malnutrition among children, as the parasites rob essential calories and nutrients from the children’s bodies. Worm infections often strike during the most critical stages of a child's development, potentially resulting in permanent damage to physical and cognitive development.  The Six-Second Project has joined a national effort in Peru to administer deworming medication generously donated by Johnson & Johnson.  

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